SEDiscordBridge 1.5.2

Posted: 12/12/18 9:52 AM Updated: 12/12/18 10:05 AM Downloads: 250

Torch plugin to connect your Discord channels to you in-game chat, and plus send torch commands and show SS and Online Players on bot status.

HaE TorchHackFix v1.0.4.0

Posted: 12/12/18 11:19 PM Updated: 1/16/19 7:33 PM Downloads: 123

A quick plugin i threw together that Patches/Logs some know issues. (Message me/ leave a message on one of my [blogposts]( if you want me to add a fix for some exploit.

PerformanceTweaker 1.0.5

Posted: 12/12/18 9:55 AM Updated: 12/12/18 9:55 AM Downloads: 111

Patches multiple stuff to improve performance, if you enable it

IP Ban List v1.0.1.1

Posted: 12/17/18 1:48 AM Updated: 1/7/19 11:26 PM Downloads: 49

Allows banning of users and entire countries by IP address, or by Steam Group.

MiningPlugin v1.0.0.1

Posted: 1/16/19 9:16 PM Updated: 1/16/19 9:17 PM Downloads: 47

Makes mining harder, better, faster, stronger.

HaE PBLimiter v1.0.6.1

Posted: 12/11/18 8:04 AM Updated: 12/27/18 12:45 PM Downloads: 45

Profiles Programmable Blocks's and damages them when their runtime goes over a set value to reduce lag.

ScriptManager v1.0.0.0

Posted: 12/11/18 8:28 PM Updated: 12/11/18 8:28 PM Downloads: 32

Allow only a curated whitelist of scripts (exact code match) to be run on your Space Engineers server. Only scripts which match any of the whitelisted scripts exactly can be run in a Programmable Block. This means that no configuration can be done in the code - scripts which require that need to be adapted to use different configuration sources (e.g. custom data).

Torch Backup System v0.7.1.51

Posted: 12/11/18 8:24 AM Updated: 12/13/18 11:41 AM Downloads: 31

Easy to use backup system for torch.

Tebex Server Donations 0.1.0

Posted: 12/19/18 10:01 AM Updated: 12/19/18 10:01 AM Downloads: 25

Tebex (formally known as Buycraft) is a leading server donation / monetization platform. We've been around for 7 years now, initially focused on the Minecraft industry, but over the past year we've branched out into a number of new games. We are delighted to announce the release of our new plugin for Space Engineers, bringing the experience we've gained processing over 17 million payments to the SE community!

StaticMarker 1.0.0

Posted: 12/12/18 9:57 AM Updated: 12/12/18 9:57 AM Downloads: 24

Define custom GPS markers in a file, which will be send to the player on join or via command.

Rewards 1.0.0

Posted: 12/11/18 6:43 AM Updated: 1/20/19 5:49 PM Downloads: 21

Torch plugin for delivery in-game rewards (things, money)to the player for a vote on the statistics website.

ProjectorFilter v1.0.0.5

Posted: 1/23/19 1:57 AM Updated: 1/23/19 1:57 AM Downloads: 19

Filters blueprints sent to projectors. Modded blocks will be removed from any new projection.


Posted: 12/11/18 2:58 AM Updated: 12/15/18 7:10 PM Downloads: 0

Dynamically pauses grids ingame to improve sim speed. Has options for distance from players, active production blocks, and presence of certain blocks to control whether a grid is concealed or not.


Posted: 12/12/18 9:53 AM Updated: 12/12/18 9:53 AM Downloads: 0

Torch plugin to manage promote level based on roles in discord & reserved slots, players need to link there discord with there ingame account (because there is no api for that). You need both the Plugin and the API Server, the information for the plugin are saved to the API Server.


Posted: 12/11/18 2:58 AM Updated: 12/15/18 7:12 PM Downloads: 0

Adds many utilities and chat commands to dedicated servers.


Posted: 12/11/18 2:58 AM Updated: 12/13/18 4:11 PM Downloads: 0

A Torch plugin that adds tools for exploring causes of lag