ALE RespawnFix



Many of you surely have noticed that the new optimal spawn feature ingame is not that well implemented, as players seem to randomly spawn close to players which have no relation to their faction, or are even enemies.

This plugins job is to fix that.

How does it work?

Basically It makes sure the optimal spawn distance only applies if the player is part of a faction and the faction has characters (online and offline) in the world.

It selects randomly one of the faction members. If the player has no faction or no faction member is available he will be dropped off randomly in the world. This MAY be close to a player but if it is its completely random.

The location where the player spawns at then will be determined by the same logic players spawn with a space suit which never is close to any player. So the ranges can differ from 1km to 10,000km.

Alternatively you also have to possibility to set a range where players shall spawn for example at least 500km away from world center but at most 3500km away. Of course configurable. It is disabled by default

Configuration and Commands

In the config you can set up if you will be using the spawning radius as alterantive and how the ranges min and max are.


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.1.9 Bugfix: Spawn Location could be incorrect when Center Location was not 0,0,0 10/25/20 5:57:06 PM Download 519
v1.0.1.8 Added Logging if no good spawn location could be found. 7/20/20 12:23:54 PM Download 313
v1.0.1.7 Compatibility fixes and recompile for 195 Update. No new Features 6/24/20 7:05:45 PM Download 242
v1.0.1.6 When Factions are broken (having no founder due to !sandbox clean) spawning in a spawnship will no longer disconnect the client. However RespawnFix will not work with broken factions. 4/17/20 10:57:56 PM Download 277
v1.0.1.5 You can now configure where the center of the spawn radius is. World center is default. 4/5/20 12:29:54 PM Download 190
v1.0.1.4 No longer uses torch internals for patching 3/24/20 5:46:07 PM Download 190
v1.0.1.3 Just a recompile to fix various problems with new update no code changes 3/19/20 10:48:56 PM Download 173
v1.0.1.2 Fixed people spawning outside configured bound if no spawn location of a faction member is suitable. The problem was if for example your the faction is on the planet and one member respawns in space they could spawn several thousand kilometers away from your configured radius. 3/7/20 4:02:27 PM Download 191
v1.0.1.1 Removed some debug logging 2/15/20 5:00:24 PM Download 204
v1.0.1.0 Added new option to spawn players withing given distances from center in case there is no faction member to spawn close to 2/15/20 3:04:23 PM Download 136
v1.0.0.0 Initial Release 1/19/20 1:42:34 PM Download 211