This allows to add a block limits with options per faction, grid, and players.

Upcoming Updates:

->Add punishment option when player continues to spam the block after being blocked.
->Block merge/connect if grid will go over limit.


Setting up configuration file is much easier using the GUI. For those who has no access to
GUI due to provider, you can download Torch to your desktop, setup the plugin, grab the .cfg file
from instance folder and load that to your server's cfg page.


Grid options:




  • !blocklimit violations
    • list current violations on the server
  • !blocklimit pairnames
    • lists pairnames


  • !blocklimit mylimit
    • lists player's limits
  • !blocklimit limits
    • List the current limit settings for the server




Support Me


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.6.806 Faction limit fix 3/25/20 1:18:24 AM Download 79
v1.6.805 Block count and projection setting fixes 3/24/20 9:30:33 PM Download 28
v1.6.804 crash fix for crash fix 3/18/20 2:27:56 PM Download 87
v1.6.803 crash fix 3/18/20 11:31:29 AM Download 34
v1.6.802 Fix bugs relating player limit and some projection removal bug fixes 3/18/20 7:23:37 AM Download 46
v1.6.801 minor fixes 3/16/20 11:41:21 PM Download 66
v1.6.8 Punishment fixes, Commands to enable and disable the limiter added, Violations Command is now working, Annoyance should be working properly, Block grouping for limits also fixed 3/16/20 12:02:31 AM Download 61
v1.6.7 Fix bugs relating to GridConversion and Ownership Transfer 3/1/20 2:07:37 AM Download 101
v1.6.5 fix some issues with punishment and grid update 2/23/20 2:13:06 PM Download 95
v1.6.4 crash fix for gridChange 2/22/20 3:37:42 PM Download 65
v1.6.3 Fix issue with projection patch and added grid conversion blocking. 2/21/20 8:59:44 PM Download 66
v1.6.2 Disabling projector patch till I fix 2/16/20 1:39:04 PM Download 82
v1.6.1 Made blocking ownership an option. (disable if another plugin already manages block ownership transfer to prevent crash 2/16/20 12:04:03 AM Download 60
v1.6.0 disabled backlogging for limits. Limits now only update as players are building. 2/15/20 9:51:53 AM Download 62
v1.5.702 faction exception fix 2/3/20 11:12:32 AM Download 103
v1.5.701 crash fix 2/2/20 6:52:03 PM Download 65
v1.5.7 New feature: General block count limits and blocktype limit. Some bug fixes and performance improvement. 2/1/20 7:54:43 PM Download 75
v1.4.107 fixed incorrect player limit counts 12/28/19 1:56:18 AM Download 154
v1.4.105 Added options to use ownership or builtby. Checking both will cause limiter to skip blocks where one is missing. Remeber, players can set ownership to nobody 12/26/19 5:10:16 PM Download 68
v1.4.102 Some improvements 12/25/19 10:59:31 PM Download 64
v1.4.001 Some more performance tweaks. Added option to disable logging by the plugin (Important info will still be logged even when disabled). 12/23/19 3:10:45 AM Download 84
v1.3.200 added "IgnoreNPC" as an option 12/21/19 4:12:11 PM Download 70
v1.3.101 added external use bool function "Blocklimiter.CheckLimits_future(MyObjectBuilder_CubeGrid[] grids)" 12/11/19 6:39:13 PM Download 94
v1.3.001 bug fixes and updated the punishment types. Selection includes "Explode" "DeleteBlock" and "ShutOffBlock" 12/9/19 6:09:38 AM Download 70
v1.2.002 fix ships only gridtype 12/8/19 12:34:18 AM Download 60
v1.2.001 fixed issue with remove block punishment activating without enabling limit 12/6/19 2:06:00 PM Download 62
v1.2.000 block pairnames command now can search by blocktype ex. "!blocklimit pairnames refinery". 12/6/19 1:52:50 PM Download 37
v1.1.310 Updated with some bug fixes. Added block remove for violations. Fixed false annoyance. Player command for limits fixed. 12/5/19 12:35:24 PM Download 64
v1.1.304 bug fix and exception update. Now supports faction tags, names, steamid (players only, group is not supported), fix player disconnect when exception is used 12/1/19 5:48:04 AM Download 67
v1.1.302 Player lockout fixed 11/23/19 5:14:52 PM Download 90
v1.1.301 11/21/19 9:49:13 AM Download 69
v1.0.304 Some bug fixes 11/16/19 2:12:49 PM Download 72
v1.0.303 added mod pairnames distinguishing labels 11/12/19 10:45:57 AM Download 69
v1.0.302 Added command to get pairnames. "!blocklimit pairnames" 11/12/19 6:50:12 AM Download 45
v1.0.301 bug fixes 11/2/19 8:10:53 PM Download 77
v1.0.3 fixed phantom projection 11/2/19 5:32:32 PM Download 44
v1.0.2 Ha! Projectors 10/31/19 10:46:43 PM Download 59
v1.0.1 Fixed issue with grid limit annoy msg and added support of 0 limit 10/26/19 7:44:58 PM Download 63
v1.0.0 10/25/19 8:20:23 AM Download 48
Beta v0.9.902 10/21/19 9:13:43 AM Download 37
Beta v0.9.7 10/12/19 11:02:54 PM Download 36
Beta v0.8.0 10/3/19 10:50:22 AM Download 40