A collection of mostly random fixes.

Exploit fixes:

PCU exploit

Performance fixes:

Prevent reordering physics clusters every time an entity moves

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count Fix lag during welding and grinding 4/19/20 4:34:17 PM Download 1342 Possibly fixes save lag 4/11/20 6:09:06 PM Download 249 Fixes network validation dumping stack traces and causing stuttering 4/1/20 12:50:38 AM Download 219 Add option to force parallel updates to run on main thread, possibly fixing physics issues 3/29/20 12:15:50 AM Download 185 Fix cluster reorder crash, add logging for parallel entity update 3/21/20 11:32:26 PM Download 224 Add startup delay to reorder patch 3/21/20 3:41:54 PM Download 134 3/21/20 2:13:30 PM Download 129