This plugin is designed to keep players from damaging each other's grid. Only NPC grids can be damaged by players and vice versa.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.4.805 more crash fixes 6/15/21 5:50:12 AM Download 133
v1.4.803 re-enabled the enable switch 6/14/21 10:27:02 AM Download 48
v1.4.802 fixed issues with damage crashing server when no pvp zone is defined. 6/14/21 7:39:15 AM Download 35
v1.4.801 fix settings not updating when changed from GUI 6/13/21 4:32:41 PM Download 44
v1.4.800 Show now work with nexus with some features disabled (conflict does not work with nexus) 6/5/21 12:22:06 PM Download 67
v1.4.6 Fixes for null matching with players with no factions 4/26/21 3:18:51 AM Download 93
v1.4.3 update fixes 4/22/21 5:53:57 PM Download 70
v1.4.2 Fix rep check increasing sandbox file to ridiculous amount 4/18/21 10:28:46 PM Download 62
v1.4.0 Conflict data now saved in World Storage folder as Conflict.json. Pvp Zones now have entrance and exit message options 3/8/21 7:21:07 AM Download 114
v1.3.0 moore feature 1/7/21 3:08:53 PM Download 157
v1.2.1 comand fixes 10/17/20 11:01:44 AM Download 163
v1.2.0 Some potential issue fixes and crash fix 10/17/20 9:13:15 AM Download 73
v1.1.0 Added options and a config file. Added feature for pvp within factions/players upon agreement via command. Use `!help pve` to view commands 10/11/20 5:10:16 PM Download 90
v1.0.4 Added check for shiptools 9/23/20 6:11:57 PM Download 104
v1.0.3 fixed character invulnerability 7/19/20 12:17:23 PM Download 156
v1.0.2 7/17/20 6:13:37 PM Download 104