Tebex Server Donations


Tebex (formally known as Buycraft) is a leading server donation / monetization platform. We've been around for 7 years now, initially focused on the Minecraft industry, but over the past year we've branched out into a number of new games. We are delighted to announce the release of our new plugin for Space Engineers, bringing the experience we've gained processing over 17 million payments to the SE community!

Ut Oh, So What Does It Cost?

To start, nothing! We offer a free plan which allows you to get up and running with a Tebex webstore. As you start to grow or if you need more advanced features then we have a range of plans to suit your use case.

What About The Mod?

We are aware there are other alternatives out there that do what we do, however they tend to be focused around RCON or mySQL. We support RCON and mySQL connections, but we also have a plugin that allows a direct integration, including checking if a player is online, checking they have enough inventory space (coming soon!) and more. NOTE: The plugin requires TorchAPI as a dependency.

To find out more, please visit https://www.tebex.io/space-engineers.


  1. Download the correct version of the plugin for your server.
  2. Copy the entire TebexTorchAPI.zip into your TorchAPI plugins directory (usually Plugins\).
  3. Restart Torch to load the TebexTorchAPI plugin - you should see in your logs that the plugin is loaded.
  4. Start your server, and once the server has started use the chat inside Torch to provide your secret: !tebex:secret c26bf82f42d1805f3b0ab18243af6c4471568ce4
  5. Check the response to confirm the plugin has been set up correctly, or enter a chat window and type !donate in game - if a link to your webstore is displayed you have successfully setup the plugin and you can continue to the next step.


!tebex:secret {secret} - link the plugin with your Tebex webstore using the secret key !tebex:info - return details about your webstore !tebex:forcecheck - force the plugin to check for new purchases (usually this happens every 15 minutes for webstores on the free plan, and shorter durations on paid plans) !donate - provides the player with the URL to your store, and attempts to open the store using the Steam browser.

Get The Plugin We recommend downloading the plugin from your Control Panel, however you can also get the source from https://github.com/BuycraftPlugin/Tebex-TorchAPI

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
1.1.0 Fixed console command execution issue 4/30/21 10:28:55 AM Download 79
1.0.0 4/23/19 9:10:10 AM Download 406
0.1.0 0.1.0 12/19/18 10:03:33 AM Download 251