Quantum Hangar


This plugin creates a server-side hangar for your grids. (Grid Garage) I recently wanted to create a hangar plugin such that players had the ability to buy and sell player-made ships in a server or cross-server environment. For those wanting similar things, look no further for this was a pain-in-the-ass to make and took way too much of my time. I finally got everything working and looking halfway decent. And I'm not even freaking finished. That's right. There is probably more to come... more... FEATURES. The cursed word of doom for my time and patience.

For those looking for a detailed walkthrough and an example watch this epic video made by ME: The Most Epic Video Walkthrough As always, dont hit that subscribe button. Because I could care less.

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Special thanks to LordTylus for letting me use his existing code for ray-casting and checking the environment around the player. Made this plugin elegant in its player use.

Current Features

  • Configs!
  • Hangar Market (Cross-Server)
  • The ability for Cross-Server hangar
  • Stores Subgrids
  • Checks for enemy players in the set distance to prevent players from using hangar as a PVP element
  • Command cooldown timer/config (Transfers with players overall tied servers)
  • Setting different hangar limits for Normal and Scripter level players
  • Customizable Directory
  • Easy player commands
  • PCU/Block Limit check on grid paste
  • Finds clear spot for grid on grid load from hangar

Planned Future Features

  • Player offline hangar removal. (Will autosell hangar ships at a discounted price to the global market after X amount of days) Kinda like storage wars but better! Don't know what you will get in the inventory!
  • Optimizations & Performance
  • Subgrid option (T/F)
  • Auto grid orientation in gravity from main control seat orientation. (Will paste ship in with the bottom towards the planet)
  • Work on the projection in the hangar market block: Autocenter, No transparency, etc
  • Move all sell commands to the block itself. (Let players select and sell ship via the block)
  • Bids & Offers
  • Admin folder to drag and drop BPs into for easy admin selling of grids. (Fixed amount or infinite)

Commands Now with Admin Discord Support! (yeah, yeah I know)

  • !hangar save (Attempts to save grid you are looking at)
  • !hangar load [Name or ID number] (Attempts to load specified grid)
  • !hangar list (Lists all active ships and their pcu values that are in your hangar)
  • !hangar info [Name or ID number] (Provides info about the grid in your hangar)
  • !hangar sell [Name or ID number] [price no commas] [String Description]
    • -Ex: !hangar sell 4 50000 "This is a good starting ship bla bla bla"
  • !hangar removeoffer [Name or ID number] (Removes a ship form the market)
  • !hangarmod save (Saves grid you are looking at to owners hangar. Ignores Checks)
  • !hangarmod save [GridName] (Saves grid you are looking at to owners hangar. Ignores Checks)
  • !hangarmod load [PlayerName] [Grid Name or Number] (Loads grid in from players hangar and ignores limits)
  • !hangarmod list [PlayerName] (Lists grids under specified players' hangar)
  • !hangarmod info [PlayerName] [Grid Name or Number] (Provides info of the grid)

Tips & Tricks: The hangar directory folder can be any folder on the server drive. If you want the plugin to be cross-server you MUST point all the plugins to one folder. For example: "C:\HangarStorage"

Copying hangars is as simple as copying the folders inside the directory. You can look up steamIDs. Different timer settings on different servers do work. For example, on server 1 you can have an hour wait while on server 2 you can have a two-hour wait. (It compares times when you stored the grid)

For the Cross-server market: It currently only works as-is on a Single Dedicated PC/Server. I have written it with netcode in mind so for you crazy people who want to do cross boxes... you can, you just need to PM me so we can discuss. That will require an external application to run on your machine.

Again if you have any questions feel free to pm me! BobDaRoss#3793

"Icon made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com"

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v2.0.8 Patched for FrostBite 3/20/20 6:30:25 PM Download 68
v2.0.7 Patched PCU limit (When set to 0) 3/19/20 8:20:44 PM Download 33
v2.0.4 Change Int32 to Int64 (matched keens) 3/18/20 8:50:45 PM Download 20
v2.0.3 Patched Admin Commands 3/18/20 6:26:59 PM Download 17
v2.0.0 Added Hangar Market/Other Features 3/17/20 11:38:36 PM Download 28
v1.0.9 Added Admin Commands 2/19/20 3:22:52 AM Download 90
v1.0.2 Added check for duplicate grid names in hangar 1/29/20 5:26:01 AM Download 61
v1.0.0 Initial Release 1/28/20 5:41:06 AM Download 30