Torch Economy.ShipTrading


What is TorchEconomy?

Torch Economy is a collection of economy plugins for the Torch API that provides an extra layer of gameplay for Space Engineers. It is based heavily on (and makes use of) Frontier Economy's code, expanding and modifying it to make it a server-side only modification.

TorchEconomy.ShipTrading (In Progress)


  • Ships can be sold by their owners and bought by other players.
  • Extra PCU granted explicitly for ships in escrow.
  • NPC ship pads that will respawn sellable ships over time as players buy them.
  • Fully configurable through Torch's WPF UI


Admin Commands

  • !admin markets createNPC <gridNameOrId> Shipyard: Creates a shipyard NPC station. It will buy components off of players and have a number of ships for sale.

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