ALE Rotorgun Detector



Seems like rotor guns are popular now and everyone wants to have them.

Players seem to be a bit unhappy with its existence so I created a small plugin that basically allows you to find potential rotor guns via command.

And it prevents potential rotor guns to add new rotor heads faster then a set interval.

If there are no such problems on your server you dont need this plugin


  • !findrotorgun
    • Scans all grids for potential rotor guns.

How it works

If a Physical Grid group has at least 4 (configurable) rotors on different subgrids its a potential gun and therefore limits its ability to spam new rotor heads.


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.8 Added Debug Info to Plugin 12/17/19 11:13:35 AM Download 47
v1.0.0.7 No Functional Changes just reorganized the Project and updated Dependencies 12/16/19 9:55:28 PM Download 25
v1.0.0.6 Fixed Stackoverflow when Rotors where connected in circular manner. And not as a Stack. Funny what Ideas Players come up with... 9/8/19 12:37:17 PM Download 104
v1.0.0.4 Detection improved so we now detect rotors stacked on top of each other instead of just counting rotors on subgrids. as solar arrays may break too 5/26/19 10:32:35 PM Download 130
v1.0.0.3 -gps argument added so locations are added to the users terminal 5/26/19 1:28:20 PM Download 69
v1.0.0.2 Fixed crash when using Pistons 5/25/19 11:23:02 AM Download 73
v1.0.0.1 Initial Plugin release 5/25/19 1:11:26 AM Download 66