ALE Rotorgun Detector



Seems like rotor guns are popular now and everyone wants to have them.

Players seem to be a bit unhappy with its existence so I created a small plugin that basically allows you to find potential rotor guns via command.

And it prevents potential rotor guns to add new rotor heads faster then a set interval.

If there are no such problems on your server you dont need this plugin


  • !findrotorgun
    • Scans all grids for potential rotor guns.

How it works

If a Physical Grid group has at least 4 (configurable) rotors on different subgrids its a potential gun and therefore limits its ability to spam new rotor heads.


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.6 Fixed Stackoverflow when Rotors where connected in circular manner. And not as a Stack. Funny what Ideas Players come up with... 9/8/19 12:37:17 PM Download 93
v1.0.0.4 Detection improved so we now detect rotors stacked on top of each other instead of just counting rotors on subgrids. as solar arrays may break too 5/26/19 10:32:35 PM Download 122
v1.0.0.3 -gps argument added so locations are added to the users terminal 5/26/19 1:28:20 PM Download 61
v1.0.0.2 Fixed crash when using Pistons 5/25/19 11:23:02 AM Download 63
v1.0.0.1 Initial Plugin release 5/25/19 1:11:26 AM Download 58