A plugin for in-game tweaks and fixes. Planning to add more features later.

IMPORTANT: If Torch breaks and you've updated the plugin, please remove the SKO-Tweaks.cfg file and restart Torch. That will generate a new file for you. You can start a session and modify the file even if the session is running. Just use the command described bellow to reload the configuration and the plugin will apply all changes without the need to restart again.

Available Features

  • Empty Safe Zones removal: Removes empty safe-zones. In some cases some mods or plugins create safe-zones that are not removed as they should. Enabling this will check for empty safe zones where no grids are in and remove them. When this runs the first time and a lot of safe-zones are detected, it can freeze the Torch UI for couple of minutes, but the game will run as expected. This will only happen the first time you ever run the plugin.
  • Faction Safe Zones Mod fixes: Removes bugged safe-zones created by the FSZ mod where in some cases they do not get removed or multiple safe-zones are created. You can enable this if you are using FSZ mod.
  • Share Inertia Tensor configurations: You can now define how you want to handle the Share Inertia Tensor option on Pistons, Rotors and Hinges. You can always disable or enable them, enable or disable them on restart only or set to player-defined.
  • ShowArea removal: Some modded blocks like the Build and Repair and the Advanced Drill System, have an option to show a working area which is very useful, but players do not remove that always. Now you can configure this to get removed within certain time in seconds and define if it should only be removed when players are nearby or not. You can also enable this separatelly for the BuildAndRepair or AdvancedDrillSystem.

No GUI yet for configuration

There is not Graphical User Interface available for the configuration yet. I will be working on it, but all configuration can be done in the SKO-Tweaks.cfg file for now.

Config SKO-Tweaks.cfg

  • PluginEnabled: Enable/Disable the complete plugin. Each feature in it has its own Enable option too.

    SafeZones: Safe Zone sections of the configuration.

  • - RemoveEmptySafeZones - Indicator for removing empty safe-zones or not.

  • - CheckIntervalSeconds: Interval in seconds how often to check for empty/bugged safe-zones.

    FactionSafeZonesMod: Section for the FSZ mod configuration.

  • - Enabled: Enable checks for FSZ safe-zones.

  • - RemoveCheckDelay: Interval in seconds for a delay when to start checking if we need to remove a safe-zone. This gives the mod sufficient time to remove the safe-zone within for example 60 seconds. So set this to 65 to check 5 seconds after that.
  • - NotifyPlayers: Notify players that a safe-zone will be checked and removed.
  • - Log: Enable logging to track what safe-zones got removed by the plugin.

    ShareInertiaTensor: Section for the share inertia tensor configuration.

  • - Enabled: Enable the share inertia tensor checks.

  • - Pistons: Set to PlayerDefined, AlwaysEnabled, AlwaysDisabled. EnableOnRestart, DisableOnRestart.
  • - Rotors: Set to PlayerDefined, AlwaysEnabled, AlwaysDisabled. EnableOnRestart, DisableOnRestart.
  • - Hinges: Set to PlayerDefined, AlwaysEnabled, AlwaysDisabled. EnableOnRestart, DisableOnRestart.
  • - Log: Enable logging to track when share inertia tensor values were set by the plugin and on what blocks/grids.

    ShowArea: Section for the ShowArea option configuration on certain modded blocks like NanobotBuildAndRepair and AdvancedDrillSystem.

  • - Enabled: Enable checks for ShowArea.

  • - AllowShowAreaIntervalSeconds: Intervan in seconds to allow ShowArea being used. If set to 0 it will remove immediately. If set higher, it will wait that amount of seconds before removing it.
  • - RemoveOnlyWhenNoPlayersNearby: Check if players are within 1000m of that block. If so, and this is set to true, then the ShowArea will not get removed within the specified time. If a player is more than 1000m away and the AllowShowAreaIntervalSeconds interval has exceeded, it will remove the ShowArea.
  • - DisableOnBuildAndRepair: Should this apply on the Build and Repair block?
  • - DisableOnAdvancedDrills: Should this apply on the Advanced Drills block?
  • - Log: Logs when the ShowArea has been removed for a block.


  • !sko-tweaks config : Shows the current config.
  • !sko-tweaks config reload : Reloads the config. you can change the file on the server and call this function to load those changes during a session.


Bugs and Feature requests can be reported here:


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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.1 Null-check due to some strange unload/load invokes of the Torch state. 6/29/21 8:05:13 PM Download 46
v1.1.0 6/19/21 3:25:16 PM Download 27
v1.0.0 FZS Fix to remove safe-zones when bugged. 6/11/21 9:19:47 PM Download 28