A Torch plugin that allows you to connect a SE Server to specific channels on Discord.



  • UI Overhaul
  • Death logs added
  • Chat lag squashing


  • Add ability to have multiple command channels and chat channels which can co-exist
  • Add static methods for mods/other plugins to send messages to discord
  • Add support for multiple command prefixes


  • Hopefully fix chat sim drop for a small portion of servers that were affected
  • Fix bug where players could still mention using @here when mentions were disabled


  • Mitigate some issues that would cause a significant sim speed drop when a player joins/leaves the server.


  • Mitigated chat message lag.

  • Updated activity initialisation to work faster with Discord's latest API changes.

  • Error messages no longer send to public chat.

  • Add retry logic to combat Discord's rate limiting.

You need to create a discord BOT to your Discord channel.

Follow this instructions:


Commands to control SEDB in-game:
- !sedb reload: To do a full reload of the configs in-game.
- !sedb enable: To enable SEDB if disabled.
- !sedb disable: To disable SEDB if enabled.
- !sedb startserver: To start torch when SEDB pre-loaded.

External Resources

SEDiscordBridge uses the library DSharpPlus. More info here:
We use this library included in our release files following the MIT License from here:

If you like the plugin you can donate to the original author of the plugin or its maintainer<3
Fabio's PayPal

Bishbash777's PayPal

Source and Issues

Use our github to see source and report bugs:

Maintainer: Bishbash777 Creator: FabioZumbi12
Collaborators: FankServer, Bishbash777

Demo Images



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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v2.0.2.5 11/11/20 11:06:43 PM Download 273
v2.0.2.4 regex fix 10/26/20 8:50:37 PM Download 236
v2.0.2.3 crash fix on grid death 10/26/20 2:23:05 PM Download 112
v2.0.2.2 GUI overhaul - chat lag removal along with death logs 10/26/20 1:33:34 PM Download 23
v1.9.303 Add static methods SendDiscordMessageStatic(string message) <default global chat> and SendDiscordMessageStatic(string message, string channelID) 8/22/20 8:53:00 PM Download 413
v1.9.302 Fix command prefix spacing recognition when having multiple prefixes and fix(?) id's being outputted when mentioning a role in a simulation warning ping 8/22/20 8:04:07 PM Download 57
v1.9.301 Add multiple command channel fixes and fix command crashes from console 8/21/20 7:16:21 PM Download 157
v1.9.3 Add ability to have dual command prefixes and fix command crashes #blamecraz 8/21/20 4:44:24 PM Download 39
v1.9.12 Fix new functions not actually being uploaded 7/26/20 1:00:18 PM Download 349
v1.9.11 Added ability to have multiple chat and command channels (useful for running chat and commands globally accross multiple servers) 7/25/20 2:46:39 PM Download 183
v1.9.1 Added ability to have multiple chat and command channels (useful for running chat and commands globally accross multiple servers) 7/25/20 2:38:03 PM Download 48
v1.9.03 add !sedb unlink command to allow players to unlink incorrect discord accounts 7/20/20 7:10:59 PM Download 212
v1.9.02 Alter names of web request parameters 6/9/20 3:41:33 PM Download 380
v1.9.01 Small fix to sedb get command 5/26/20 9:21:44 PM Download 228
v1.8.13 Do not send a message to discord if the author has been muted 5/24/20 5:03:57 PM Download 175
v1.8.12 Add option to display SteamId next to user on connect (false by default) 5/20/20 12:09:44 AM Download 192
v1.8.11 Fix crash noted here: "" And add SteamID64 in brackets next to username as per request here: "" 5/19/20 11:23:34 PM Download 93
v1.8.0 Zip uploaded fro SEDB reloaded with optimisations seen in the changelog 5/13/20 9:11:47 PM Download 202
v1.7.1 Fixed game freezes on send chat messages (caused by D# running on mainthread) 12/9/19 8:51:00 PM Download 888
v1.7.0 Added command bridge-startserver to start torch when preloaded; Added command permissions; Command responses will be sent as embeded to discord; Fixed some 404 errors causing crashing the server; Fixed mentioned names returning id to in-game; Updated to latest D#+ 4.0.0 Nightly; 11/6/19 4:41:45 PM Download 346
v1.6.0 Option to allow SEDB bot to send messages to other bots/SEDB bots. Compat with Windows 7 (thank to @88tom) 10/3/19 3:18:24 AM Download 375
v1.5.9 Added commands in-game to reload, enable/disable plugin, sim speed alert and timestamps on join/leave messages 9/13/19 2:49:42 AM Download 348
v1.5.8 Fixed an issue who makes the client freezes on mention dd users from Torch console 8/27/19 1:00:29 AM Download 342
v1.5.7 Fixes mention problems and freezes. Added experimental stats website uploading (WIP) - Thanks to Bishbash777 8/23/19 3:44:55 AM Download 236
v1.5.6 Added the placeholder {uptime@HH:mm:ss} for bot status, and no more status messages on save. 4/18/19 6:22:31 AM Download 588
v1.5.5 Removed debug messages and set servertodiscord to false by default 4/16/19 1:49:21 AM Download 204
v1.5.4 Option to enable/disable plugin, start Bot before start server, server messages > Discord, starting message for bot status 4/15/19 7:44:19 AM Download 195
v1.5.3 News: Factions chat and chat colors 3/20/19 3:43:23 AM Download 269
v1.5.2 Fank's version 3/20/19 3:42:33 AM Download 152
1.5.1 12/12/18 10:30:16 AM Download 232
1.5.0 12/12/18 10:29:43 AM Download 162
1.4.6 12/12/18 10:29:11 AM Download 170
1.4.5 12/12/18 10:28:38 AM Download 158
1.4.4 12/12/18 10:27:52 AM Download 155
1.4.3 12/12/18 10:27:15 AM Download 159
1.4.2 12/12/18 10:26:40 AM Download 159
1.4.1 12/12/18 10:25:57 AM Download 172
1.4.0 12/12/18 10:25:03 AM Download 169
1.3.4 12/12/18 10:24:10 AM Download 168
1.3.3 12/12/18 10:23:29 AM Download 176
1.3.2 12/12/18 10:22:35 AM Download 168
1.3.1 12/12/18 10:21:54 AM Download 161
1.3.0 12/12/18 10:20:42 AM Download 166
1.2.0 12/12/18 10:19:09 AM Download 163
1.1.0 12/12/18 10:18:23 AM Download 162
1.0.0 12/12/18 10:16:57 AM Download 162