Torch Plugin

Lightning Manager

With this plugin is possible to change some lightning properties like damage and interval between lightnings (random, player and grid).

After you start Torch, a configuration file is created inside the Instance folder, LightningManager.cfg. After you change the file you need to restart Torch.

You can change the properties directly inside the file, no gui is provided at the moment.

Armor blocks directly hit by lightning take damage

This plugin also fix a 'bug' where Armor Blocks are instantly destroyed by a lightning if hit directly, armor blocks will take damage and be deformed like any other block based on their integrity and deformation ratio.


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.2 fixed plugin broken after game update 7/28/21 11:42:47 PM Download 5
v1.0.1 Plugin broken with Keen Warfare 1 fix 4/26/21 12:07:14 AM Download 79
v1.0.0 First release v1.0.0 9/5/20 5:46:38 AM Download 225