The ONLY free plugin which allows users to smoothly transition grids or themselves between different servers on your network via command offering players easier access to your servers! SwitchMe is also the very first plugin to have a fully integrated web control panel at https://switchplugin.net/

The easy configuration allows Network owners to create easy to access servers by filling out the boxes below and hitting "Add server".

Notes: Grid transfer is disabled by default so make sure to enable it in the config! As well as that grid positioning on the other server is determined by where the player runs !switch recover

1.3 Changelog:

Auto Recovery Auto recovery is here! Once the player has initiated a transfer - they are connected to the target server where the recovery process automatically start and spawn the player in the cockpit of that ship. Auto recovery on connect requires a position option to be set, this is either Locked positioning or mirrored positioning (Selected by clicking one of two radiobuttons)

Economy Support The plugin can now offers cost per a transfer (Economy) which allows owners to specify if there should be a cost per a transfer and if so, dynamic or a fixed price - This also comes with command confirmation to make sure the user wants to proceed if it costs.

Block Whitelisting/Blacklisting Block whitelisting/blacklisting is a way for owners to specify what blocks are required in order to allow a grid switch or select which blocks are NOT allowed in transit... This is specified by inputing the block SubTypeID into the config as shown below (This also has support for modded blocks.)

Support: Contact the support email here - support@switchplugin.net

Usage: !switch help (Displays helpful information about using the plugin).

!switch list (Allows users to see a list of verified and networked Server names).

!switch me <servername> (Connects user who issued command to selected server).

!switch all <servername> (Allows Admins to send all players on a server to another in the configured network e.g for events).

!switch grid "<gridname>" "<servername>" transfers your grid to the target server.

!switch recover , completes the transfer of your grid.

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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.6.02 Added linked gates to SwitchMe as well as moved a lot of data requests to my new api 5/4/20 11:20:14 PM Download 338
v1.5.13 4/20/20 7:19:47 PM Download 186
v1.5.1 Remove lots of legacy features in prep for SMV2 as well as add the ability to configure the size of a jumpgate 4/20/20 5:27:45 PM Download 120
v1.5.0 Revive plugin back from the dead POST FROSTBYTE update! (woo) 4/18/20 7:08:48 PM Download 143
v1.4.02 Fix safezone permissions 2/17/20 7:50:46 PM Download 223
v1.4.01 Fix recovery command 2/7/20 8:56:16 AM Download 169
Beta v1.4.0 Added the experimental Jumpgates feature - This is a beta, if you have any issues please send the log to me. 2/6/20 8:54:38 AM Download 162
v1.3.29 Fix character duplication 1/16/20 1:35:33 PM Download 208
Beta v1.3.28 Fix log before server is fully loaded 1/14/20 10:57:27 AM Download 162
v1.3.27 WebAPI crash patch 1/13/20 6:59:57 PM Download 170
Beta v1.3.1 Added auto recovery, Economy support and block white/black listing 1/7/20 3:49:52 PM Download 157
Beta v1.2.8 Small logging update to give information for download failures 12/3/19 10:38:25 PM Download 184
Beta v1.2.7 Fixed issue where grid not found would dispaly regardless if transfer initiation is successful or not as well as fixing forced mirrored positioning even when it is disabled 11/15/19 11:05:23 AM Download 201
Beta v1.2.6 Bug fixes: All subgrids are now transported compared to just mechanical connections. Grids are no longer marked as processed when a space for spawning cannot be found. IMPROVEMENT: Error message now appears when a grid with your specified name is not found. 11/1/19 8:39:57 PM Download 190
Beta v1.2.5 Perfected locked transfers to be within ~250m range to stop camping and made some more methods asyncronous... Also started the framework to allow owners to monetise the plugin :D 10/25/19 8:02:07 AM Download 184
Beta v1.2.4.1 Small bug fix which prevented players being transferred when running grid transfer command 9/30/19 2:03:06 PM Download 202
v1.2.4 Update allows servers to disable inbound grid transfers and the plugin will also now check to see if a server is online before transfering 9/29/19 8:42:35 PM Download 181
Beta v1.2.3 Added ability to lock recovery to a specific position and fixed character duplication 9/24/19 10:38:37 PM Download 186
Beta v1.2.2.1 Fatal error fix causing servers not being able to start 9/24/19 9:07:35 AM Download 186
Beta v1.2.2 Deeper web integration and paypal addition to config page 9/24/19 12:32:02 AM Download 177
Beta v1.2.1.4 Temp removal of short hand commands 9/20/19 9:55:52 PM Download 195
Beta v1.2.1.3 Addition of shorthand commands !restore and !recover 9/20/19 10:05:50 AM Download 183
Beta v1.2.1.2 Command fix 9/19/19 7:31:25 AM Download 193
Beta v1.2.1 Simple bug fix 9/18/19 12:13:26 PM Download 190
Beta v1.2 Grid transfers added! See description for more info! 9/16/19 7:51:41 PM Download 183
v1.1.8 Added a 'Binding key' field in order to only allow servers using your key to link to your network. 9/11/19 7:55:51 PM Download 197
Beta v1.1.7.5 Proper version checking for useful debugging 9/10/19 11:14:32 PM Download 191
Beta v1.1.7.4 UI fixed 'Save button not being shown' 9/10/19 10:34:14 AM Download 186
Beta v1.1.7.2 Test run of new IP fetching 9/9/19 4:25:09 PM Download 194
v1.1.7.1 Temp patch while i figure out how to stop providers switching ip's 9/6/19 12:03:53 PM Download 183
v1.1.7 Plugin will now only fetch public IP from API if is set in Torch config. 9/6/19 8:49:04 AM Download 182
v1.1.6 Servers with only 1 other server to link can now use '!switch me' as a standalone command once they added their server to their config. Also added support for servers with their ip set as etc 9/5/19 12:27:31 PM Download 183