A PCU limiter for Grids. Allows you to configure the max PCU for grids on your server. It also provides you options for allowing or disallowing Projections and Merges if the max PCU thresholds has been reached. You can also control if you want to include the Connected grids in the calculations and prevent abuse of connectors to go over PCU limits.

The current version will REMOVE the block when welded to functional if it exceeds the Grid PCU limit. This is to avoid weld spamming for now, but will improve this in the future or make it configurable.

NOTE: Existing servers with high PCU ships over the set limit will still be available. Players only get limited on placing/welding new blocks from the time the plugin has been enabled.

Available Features / Configuration:

Config file:

In the Instance folder, you will find the file SKOGridPCULimiter.cfg that holds all configuration data.

Config options:

  • Enabled: Enable the plugin?
  • MaxGridPCU: Define max PCU for grids.
  • AllowProjection: Allow projections when max PCU has been reached? It also checks if both grids (projected and the base grid) reached PCU limits together.
  • AllowMerge: Allow merging grids if together they exceed the PCU limit?
  • IncludeConnectedGridsPCU: When calculating PCU of a grid, should we include the connected/docked grids?
  • MaxNumberOfConnectedGrids: If you've enabled IncludeConnectedGridsPCU, you can restrict the number of grids that can be connected when you exceed the PCU limits. Setting this to 0 will not allow any grids to be connected. Connectors will get disabled.
  • DamageConnectors: If you also want connectors to get damaged, you can enable this option. This also provides a way to prevent connect-spamming with scripts.
  • DisableWeldersWithinMeters: When welding block to functional detects you're exceeding the Grid PCU limit, it will remove the block and also disable welders. You can define the distance from that block to search for welders to disable. This can be handy if using tiered welders that can weld over high distances. In that case, you can increase this option if you wish to disable those.
  • IgnoreNPCGrids: You can set this to true if you want to ignore Grid PCU limits for NPC's. In some cases mods will try to add blocks and that might be blocked if the grid exceeds the PCU limit.


  • !gridpculimiter config : View current config (Admin).
  • !gridpculimiter reload : Reloads the config on the server (Admin). You can do this live during a ongoing session. Simply modify the file on the server and use this command to change the settings on the server.


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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.4.0 Added option to Ignore NPC's and fixed sending messages to all players in some cases. 6/9/21 11:14:40 PM Download 68
v1.3.0 6/2/21 10:56:14 PM Download 48
v1.2.1 5/9/21 1:19:37 AM Download 56
v1.2.0 5/9/21 12:59:55 AM Download 35
v1.1.1 1/31/21 8:50:45 AM Download 84
v1.0.0 7/5/20 12:43:23 AM Download 152