A PCU limiter for Grids. Allows you to configure the max PCU for grids on your server. It also provides you options for allowing or disallowing Projections and Merges if the max PCU thresholds has been reached. NOTE: Existing servers with high PCU ships over the set limit will still be available. Players only get limited on placing new blocks.

Available Features

  • Define max PCU for grids.
  • Enable/Disable projections when max PCU has been reached. It also checks if the both grids (projected and the base one) reached PCU limits together.
  • Enable/Disable merging grids if together are over the set max PCU level.


  • !gridpculimiter config : View current config (Admin).
  • !gridpculimiter reload : Reloads the config on the server (Admin).


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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.1 1/31/21 8:50:45 AM Download 44
v1.0.0 7/5/20 12:43:23 AM Download 127