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Requires a MySQL database, might give it a config option in the future to not require one. Database allows it to work across instances with any multi server setup like nexus or wormhole

What it do? Admin configurable hauling contracts to obtain and deliver any item in the config file.

Setup - Create a store block that sells anything, name it Hauling contracts. If this store is owned by an NPC faction or the grid is protected by !protect when an item is bought a contract will be created. (Config options for NPC)

Completing a contract is as simple as flying an owned grid within 300m of the target location with the items inside.

Config has rep amounts to be able to get the medium and hard contracts. Config also has the chance that you will get a medium or hard contract if you have the rep for it, medium and hard have higher maximum amount of contract items on the contract, for example, 30 iron ingots and 600 gold ore.

Configs are found in the instance/SpaceTrucking folder. If the config files are open when server is starting, it wont start. So dont have them open.

Discord @Crunch#9114

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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.9 5/7/21 1:57:36 PM Download 40
v1.8 5/6/21 3:50:52 PM Download 23
v1.6 4/27/21 2:06:29 AM Download 24
v1.5 4/27/21 1:03:32 AM Download 25
v1.4 4/26/21 1:59:58 AM Download 24
v1.3 4/22/21 6:37:10 PM Download 29
v1.2 4/13/21 2:22:04 PM Download 24
v1.1 4/13/21 2:15:49 PM Download 25