Admin Logger


That's right. You are here if you don't trust your admins and want to be a supreme server owner.

Word of advice, if you don't trust your admins, maybe they shouldn't be admins. But hey what do I know!

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This plugin should log the following in BRIGHT PURPLE:

  • Admin config changes (you know, all those crazy checkboxes in the admin menu that you use to build grids and cheat)
  • Spawning items (in and out of cargo) because we all know you spawned reactor fuel at least once
  • Placing Block in creative mode (because sometimes you don't have a reactor for your spawned fuel)
  • Spawning Grids in and removing them
  • Reputation Changes
  • Econ changes
  • Grinding and Welding? I'm not sure either. (should)

!admin listadminsettings [NameOrSteamID] (Lists current admin settings for the user)

!admin clearadminsettings [NameOrSteamID] (resets everything but Creative Tools checkbox )

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.4.0 Moved admin logs to main log folder. (Removed SubFolder) 11/30/20 2:35:31 AM Download 389
v1.3.0 Added some admin commands to see current/reset admin settings for user 11/25/20 3:07:44 AM Download 138
v1.2.0 Fixed Item spawning and added custom logs folder 10/20/20 8:27:50 PM Download 168
v1.1.0 Logs & Disconnects clients who are using ModSDK/Profiler 8/10/20 3:37:27 PM Download 227
v1.0.4 Patched for whatever tf this update was (Hinges?) 6/25/20 12:22:23 AM Download 203
v1.0.3 Fixed Items not spawning when pasting into world 5/23/20 11:09:54 PM Download 157
v1.0.2 Added more features. Fixed my spelling. (Thanks to Asimo (ง'̀-'́)ง ) 5/20/20 5:54:09 AM Download 109
v1.0.1 Fixed Crash & Name issues 5/19/20 9:01:09 AM Download 101
v1.0.0 Initial Release 5/19/20 7:25:47 AM Download 100