Torch Economy.Markets


Be sure to add 1772298664 to your server mod list and add a 0 to the front of the torch economy main filename to make sure it loads first.

If you don't do this, the plugin will not work.

What is TorchEconomy?

Torch Economy is a collection of economy plugins for the Torch API that provides an extra layer of gameplay for Space Engineers. It is based heavily on (and makes use of) Frontier Economy's code, expanding and modifying it to make it a server-side only modification.

TorchEconomy.Markets (In Progress)


  • Can make stations into Trade Zones capable of supporting buy and sell orders.
  • Items sold to the station are deposited directly into the station inventory.
  • Items bought from a station are deposited directly into player's ship's inventory or personal inventory.
  • NPC markets can be attached to stations and will automatically populate with inventory.
  • Configurable through Torch's WPF UI, allowing the adjustment of base ore prices.
  • Prices rise as players buy from NPCs, prices lower as players sell to NPCs, with prices normalizing over time.
  • Player tradezones can be configured to use a specific bank account, preventing overdrafting and griefing by mass sales.


  • !econ values: Lists the global value for all items.
  • !econ list: Lists all items for sale at the market that you're currently docked with.
  • !econ buy <itemName> <quantity>: Purchases a quantity of items from the market your ship is currently docked to.
  • !econ sell <itemName> <quantity>: Sells a quantity of items from your ship inventory to the market your ship is docked to.
  • !econ markets list: Lists all markets that you have permission to modify.
  • !econ markets create <gridName> <marketName>: Creates a named market linked to the provided gridName. You must own a majority of the station.
  • !econ markets buy <marketNameOrId> <itemName> <pricePer1> <quantity>: Creates a buy order on the specified market. Must own market.
  • !econ markets sell <marketNameOrId> <itemName> <pricePer1> <quantity>: Creates a sell order on the specified market. Must own market.
  • !econ markets open <marketNameOrId>: Opens the specified market for business.
  • !econ markets close <marketNameOrId>: Closes the specified market for business.
  • !econ markets account <marketNameOrId> <accountNameOrId>: Links an account to specified market to act as a coffer.
  • !econ markets buy.price <marketNameOrId> <itemName> <newPricePer1>: Sets a price on a specified item at the specified market.
  • !econ markets sell.price <marketNameOrId> <itemName> <newPricePer1>: Sets a price on a specified item at the specified market.
  • !econ markets buy.remove <marketNameOrId> <itemName>: Removes a buy order completely.
  • !econ markets sell.remove <marketNameOrId> <itemName>: Removes a sell order completely.

Admin Commands

  • !admin markets delete <marketName>: Deletes a market.
  • !admin markets createNPC <gridName> <marketName> <industry>: Creates an NPC market of the specified industry type at the provider grid.

About NPC Markets

There are four market types:

  • Industrial: Buys military products high, Sells ore/ingots cheap
  • Consumer: Buys ore/ingots high, Sells components cheap
  • Research: Buys components high, Sells research commodity items cheap
  • Military: Buys research commodity items high, and sells military commodity items cheap.

If you'll notice, markets sell Industrial -> Consumer -> Research -> Military -> Industrial.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v2.0.79 7/7/19 2:39:54 PM Download 735
v2.0.78 7/7/19 2:37:25 PM Download 167
v2.0.71 6/20/19 12:28:30 PM Download 212
v2.0.70 6/20/19 12:22:38 PM Download 186
v2.0.69 6/20/19 11:57:42 AM Download 183
Beta v1.13 Switched econ and list to use dialogs instead. 6/17/19 9:16:53 AM Download 196
Beta v1.12 Added another NRE check. 6/17/19 9:07:02 AM Download 190
Beta v1.11 Added safety NRE check for econ values. 6/17/19 9:05:11 AM Download 191
Beta v1.1 NPC gameplay loop is now in. Added a lot of the config interface. 6/17/19 7:53:47 AM Download 184
Beta v1.02 Hotfix that fixes an invalid MyDefinitionId on global value index initialization. 6/16/19 8:16:45 AM Download 200
Beta v1.01 Many fi9xes to how trading happens. All basic commands shooooould work maybe. Needs more testing. Just a lot of blind coding right now. 6/16/19 8:02:06 AM Download 187
Beta v1.0 Initial release. Expect bugs. If you install a beta release expect to need to wipe your DB. 6/16/19 4:05:44 AM Download 187