This plugin was produced by Tails and SpaceChemist

Allows server admins to reward players for referring other players as well as offer server referrals and promotional rewards via customizable codes

github link to full read me and instructions.

Using the plugin

Referral Rewards Enabled - Enables the Referral features . Promotion Rewards Enabled - Enables promotional reward features. Give Money - gives players money amount set as an award. Give Grid - gives grid set in UI as a reward to players. Server Referral Code - Code for server referrals Promotional Reward Code - Code for Promotion Server Referral Grid - Name of grid to be used as reward for server referrals Promotional Reward Grid - Name of grid to be used as reward for Promotions Player Referral Grid - Name of grid to be used as reward for player referral Credit Amount - amount of credits to give as reward Admin uses !r save command when looking at the grid he wishes to use as a reward then puts grid name in the corresponding field in the UI. Player uses related command to get the reward. (see commands) Players can only use the referral code or the player referral one time so it can not be abused. Promotional codes can only but used one time per player but players can use as many unique codes as they wish. The code will only word if it is the current one set in the UI so players can not use old codes. The player who was used as the referrer in the player referral can claim a reward for referring there friend with the claim command. Referral Data tab hold all the information related to this plugin for any player who has used commands for this plugin. Note - Grids for rewards should be saved with inventory that is wished to be given as a reward already loaded into it. this will spawn in the grid when the player claims the reward.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1 fixed userdata.xml 8/10/21 6:27:59 AM Download 21
v1.0 4/15/21 3:03:48 AM Download 49