This plugin will introduce series of improvements with a main goal to work along with client plugin https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2171994463 to improve multiplayer experience.

Please report issues to @n3b in Torch Discord group.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.4.2 Changed a way safe zone info is saved 8/11/20 1:31:27 PM Download 17
v1.4.1 fixed regression 8/11/20 9:16:30 AM Download 5
v1.4.0 Improves all tools and weapons in a world when at least one Safe Zone is simulated with non-default settings. 8/11/20 3:53:37 AM Download 4
v1.3.0 Implemented simple caching to prevent conveyor traversing every frame when hydrogen thrust is applied (~62 loops per second per thruster). Disabled client plugin interaction as it doesn't add much after 1.196. 8/10/20 9:20:46 PM Download 3
v1.2.4 Updated to 1.196 8/6/20 8:06:41 PM Download 28
Beta v1.2.3 New Feature: Prevent inventory contents from being sent to everyone who has no access. Feature is disabled by default, please see config. 8/4/20 1:01:06 AM Download 19
Beta v1.2.2 Simplified few things, general cleanup 8/3/20 7:37:23 AM Download 13
Beta v1.2.1 Handled potential crashes 7/31/20 7:32:56 PM Download 19
Beta v1.2.0 Polished everything, got another 3% of Sim thread boost (without client plugin). Updated config - please make sure you have proper values before running it. 7/31/20 5:46:06 AM Download 13
v1.1.4 Optimized subscription logic, thus slightly reduced sim load 7/28/20 5:13:53 AM Download 19
v1.1.3 Disabled stations throttling while I'm looking for a better way to hook it up 7/26/20 6:17:22 PM Download 18
v1.1.2 Inventories throttling for stations (only network layer, doesn't affect simulation) 7/26/20 2:07:30 AM Download 24
v1.1.1 Fixed not all gas tanks were updating 7/25/20 6:58:49 PM Download 23
v1.1.0 This release is focused on the unnecessary network traffic that production modules generate. While it works as a standalone plugin, pairing with client plugin will increase efficiency several times. Please see video https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengineers/comments/hxb3oe/now_torch_client_plugin_paired_work/ 7/24/20 10:25:08 PM Download 27
v1.0.0 This release reduces Gas Tanks updates spamming. Every GasTank with changing fill ratio is producing updates every frame and send those to client. Half of update time is serialization which currently is happening in the main thread, thus significantly affecting server performance. As I understand, client doesn't require immediate update of fill ratio, only in cases when tank is about to become empty to avoid de-sync (client may use thrusters while server can't, thus affecting grid's world position). So I made updates to be sent less frequent and in batches. In case fill ratio is decreasing and falls below threshold 1 and the next update is expected to be below threshold 2 (projected value) plugin starts sending updates immediately. Both thresholds are configurable. This change will not interfere with Keen timers that they've introduced in public test, but instead will reduce overhead on top of that in cases when their timer goes down from once per 100 frame to 1 or 10. In my test with 50 Gas Tanks with changing fill ratio server network thread load has been reduced from 20% to 2%. The update in main thread has been reduced from 10% to 5%. 7/20/20 11:13:26 AM Download 23