ALE PlayerStats



Often I found myself in the position to have a quick overview of players of a certain faction. Like their Entity-IDs or Steam-IDs as well as the date the server last had contact with them.

So this plugin does exactly that. It adds a command where you can list all players your world has ever seen and allow for some filtering and sorting.


  • !listplayers [-online] [-players] [-faction=<FactionTag>] [-orderby=<name|date|faction>]
    • Lists all Players. If -online is used, only online Players are shown
    • if -players is used, all NPCs are ignored
    • if -faction=<Tag> is used, only players of said faction are used. To see players without faction just leave the tag empty.
    • if -orderby<name|date|faction> is used players are ordered ascending by name, faction tag or date.

You can combine multiple of parameters like -players -online -orderby=faction


See here

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.0 Initial Release 7/21/19 9:45:36 PM Download 115