ALE PlayerStats



Often I found myself in the position to have a quick overview of players of a certain faction. Like their Entity-IDs or Steam-IDs as well as the date the server last had contact with them.

So this plugin does exactly that. It adds a command where you can list all players your world has ever seen and allow for some filtering and sorting.


  • !listplayers [-online] [-players] [-faction=<FactionTag>] [-orderby=<name|date|faction|pcu|blocks>]
    • Lists all Players. If -online is used, only online Players are shown
    • if -players is used, all NPCs are ignored
    • if -npcs is used, all Players are ignored
    • if -faction=<Tag> is used, only players of said faction are used. To see players without faction just leave the tag empty.
    • if -orderby=<name|date|faction|pcu|blocks> is used players are ordered ascending by name, faction tag or date.
    • if -filter=0lt;name|date|faction|pcu|blocks><<, <=, >, >=, =, !=><Attribute> is used the list is filtered accordintly.

A combination of several -orderby and -filter is possible to do multiplayer sorting and fine filtering.

You can combine multiple of parameters like -players -online -orderby=faction


  • !listplayers -filter=blocks<500 -filter=pcu>2000 -orderby=faction -orderby=name -players
  • !listplayers -filter=blocks<500 -npcs
  • !listplayers -online -filter=blocks>1000
  • !listplayers -filter=date>=10
    • Only shows people who have logged in within the last 10 days. Alternatively you can use <10 which will only show people offline for longer than 10 days.


See here

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.2 PCUs are now calculated by actually build grids and no longer via BlockLimits, because on BlockLimit global all would have the same amount. 10/31/19 12:18:35 PM Download 81
v1.0.0.1 Added more Sort and FIlter options and we now List PCU and Blocks as well 10/27/19 7:38:36 PM Download 42
v1.0.0.0 Initial Release 7/21/19 9:45:36 PM Download 129