ALE ShipFixer



Every now and then Grids on the server seem to be bugged. So that they wont move any more, cannot be stopped, rotated or accelerated.

This Plugin tries to deal with the situationand offer the Players to fix it themselves without the need of having an Administrator or Moderator involved


  • !fixship
    • Similar to !fixship <shipname> but it is better with handling naming conflicts as it takes the grid the players is looking at.
  • !fixship <shipname>
    • Stops the grid, cuts and pastes is back. Every player can use this command. But only on grids he has the majority of ownership on.
    • The command wont work of there are active connections to connectors or landing gears, or if there are Players in a cockpit, cryopod or any other block players can sit on. Like for example the toilet.
  • !fixshipmod
    • Same as !fixship but that it has no check for ownership or cooldowns and can only be performed by moderator and above.
  • !fixshipmod <shipname>
    • Same as !fixship <shipname> but that it has no check for ownership and can only be performed by moderator and above.

How it works

When the ship is cut and pasted it can potentially fail if at the very same moment something is blocking the space. So its advised to take a Blueprint first.

PCU Authorship, Block limits and Ownerships will not be affected. After the ship is pasted back in it should behave like before.

Executing via Console

The console can only run !fixshipmod <shipname>. All the others require the server to either have a character that looks at something or ownership which it cannot have.


The cooldowns of the commands can be configured.

Default for fixship is 15 Minutes. Default for Confirmation of said command is 30 Seconds. You can find the configuration File in your Instance folder after first launch. Its called ShipFixer.cfg

<CooldownInSeconds>900</CooldownInSeconds> <ConfirmationInSeconds>30</ConfirmationInSeconds>


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.3.0 Just a little cleanup 9/20/19 7:44:38 PM Download 162
v1.0.2.8 Build in a Saveguard if copy failed that the grid will not be partially deleted 9/20/19 7:06:52 PM Download 18
v1.0.2.7 Added option to remove projected grids upon fix 9/20/19 6:37:22 PM Download 28
v1.0.2.4 improved logging, !fixship now also fixes ships connected via landing gear and !fixship command can now be disabled so that only the moderator command works 6/15/19 10:53:36 AM Download 298
v1.0.2.0 UI Added for Config changes 5/21/19 7:35:25 PM Download 138
v1.0.1.6 Fixed Threading Problem where Deletion and Adding were performed by different threads 4/25/19 6:53:48 PM Download 122
v1.0.1.5 Before Confirmation Message appears it now also checks for Landing Gears and occupied Cockpits. Also Update the latest torch API so that Chat Messages look correctly. 4/17/19 1:44:13 PM Download 84
v1.0.1.4 Bugfixing and When ships are connected via connector they need tohave the same owner 4/16/19 11:36:09 AM Download 78
v1.0.1.3 Ships connected via connector can now be cut as well, since when the main grid is bugged connected grids usually are as well 4/16/19 10:47:55 AM Download 54
Beta v1.0.1.2 Removed some warnings, improved feedback a little. 4/16/19 10:29:13 AM Download 54
v1.0.1.0 You can now run the commands without gridname also that will take the grid you are looking at 4/15/19 7:41:50 PM Download 69
Beta v1.0.0.5 cooldowns, configuration, and confirmation added 4/15/19 3:57:09 PM Download 55
Beta v1.0.0.1 removed stop ship since its exploitable 4/14/19 6:05:46 PM Download 63