Torch plugin for delivery in-game rewards for vote on site.

Plugin first release date: 07.11.18

(2021) - Still works good


Im played Minecraft before SE. So, it is.


  • Get reward to players when they voting for server.
  • Give reward for playtime, players just be in server and get rewards.
  • Give rewards for destroy NPC blocks.
  • Direct money add to player’s wallets from gui.


  • !reward - gives reward for vote to player's inventory / or virtual keen money wallet.


Plugin use for voting. For other uses some reflection.


Register at and get APIKEY. After first start, u need config your plugin and restart server.

My other plugins: тык


Basic version is free Feel free to donate for extended version of my work, pm to details.


Rewards is a stand-alone software/plugin developed by Foogs and is in no way associated with the original work and software developed by Keen Software House or Torch. Keen Software House/Torch has no responsibility for the functionality and/or consequences resulting from using this plugin in the Space Engineers game. The development and support of Rewards is the sole responsibility of Foogs.


Main pic Settings pic Translation Dictionary

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
1.2.1 Fixed bug with amount = 1/ chance 0.5 not work 8/5/21 1:07:33 PM Download 143
Beta 1.2.0 Should work. New interface. Some wip things 8/4/21 1:50:38 PM Download 69
Beta 1.1.11 fix for new update 3/22/20 8:41:07 PM Download 721
1.1.10 add gui for keen economy. (faction wallets in next update okay) 10/17/19 1:37:37 PM Download 412
Beta 1.1.9 removed FrontierIntegration, added direct reward to the keen ecomonic wallets 10/16/19 6:25:09 PM Download 191
Beta 1.1.8 fix save issue 10/15/19 10:48:55 PM Download 203
Beta 1.1.7 possible crash fix 10/15/19 9:28:18 PM Download 178
1.1.6 fix double reward.... 8/30/19 8:08:35 PM Download 254
1.1.5 1.1.5 fix Uppercase commands 8/24/19 8:43:56 AM Download 200
1.1.4 1.1.4 added force push to inv, chance check(0.01-1), fix for new version 8/23/19 9:27:14 PM Download 194
1.1.1 Added translation dictionary support 4/1/19 7:12:26 PM Download 287
1.1.0 SE release version ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2/28/19 9:08:14 PM Download 257
1.0.0 Free version 12/16/18 8:33:16 PM Download 249