SE SmartEconomy


SESmartEconomy lets you create automated Stores for your personal Server Economy.

Discontinued, Check GIT for source and feel free to submit PRs for update fixes


Custom Stores

  • Use vanilla Stores, no mod needed. Just apply a unique GUID into a Custom Data field and enjoy Smart Stores!
  • Random chance for an item to appear.
  • Timer for when the store inventory will be renewed.
  • Optional smart prices, depending on supply and demand.
  • Upper and Lower limits if smart prices are enabled.
  • Access permission per player and / or per faction.


  • Optional additional statistics log file (Instance folder)
  • Can be easily imported to Excel or Google sheets

Documentation on Git:


If you encounter any bugs please make sure to report them here


Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.0 fixed a few issues with SmartPrices, new command !SESE RefreshStores added 5/16/20 12:44:07 PM Download 456
v1.0.5 fixed bug that reset non plugin stores on server restart 5/13/20 1:51:17 PM Download 112
v1.0.4 - changed smartPrice formular as proposed by #Issue4 - added debug output 5/13/20 7:11:28 AM Download 111
v1.0.3 BREAKING CHANGE - Config changed! Take a look at 5/10/20 11:56:59 AM Download 117
v1.0.2 statistics log now configurable as some hosters have different folder structures 5/6/20 3:03:09 PM Download 115
v1.0.1 fixed crash if config was not set up 5/3/20 9:07:17 PM Download 124
Beta v1.0.0 First beta release 4/23/20 2:01:42 PM Download 132