New update for help see discord will update description when the guy is on to type it up know commands might give errors until you update configs to new version new version is needed to prep for faction syncing (coming soon to a wormhole near you)

Reviews from our competition:

This plugin can be used to create "wormholes" in your servers that can be used as gateways to other servers. This plugin is designed to be used in a multi-server setup but can be used on 1 instance of torch.

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A BIG thanks to LordTylus, the guy who makes the ALE plugins. Checkout his Github. The guy does GREAT documentation so it's just the place to go if starting to learn to write plugins. I used some code from his ALE-Core.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v2.0.1.1 Big thanks to LTP woke up about to work on fix and he had it done and tested give this guy a thanks if you see him 2/12/21 4:42:52 PM Download 260
v2.0.0.3 9/1/20 6:50:06 AM Download 290
v2.0.0.2 fixed multigrid crash 8/28/20 8:35:06 PM Download 162
v2.0.0.0 8/12/20 4:28:28 AM Download 185
v1.0.2.0 Make sure to add all the new variables for Servers 6/28/20 5:31:53 AM Download 220
v1.0.1.2 6/25/20 5:44:10 AM Download 159
v1.0.1.1 6/9/20 2:43:14 AM Download 162
v1.0.1.0 6/9/20 1:33:04 AM Download 129
v1.0.0.1 Disabled in faction capability as it errors out 5/21/20 3:05:42 AM Download 147
v1.0.0 5/20/20 3:33:37 AM Download 138