In Beta a few more features to add later if issues found PM Princess Kenny#8755

Things i want to add

#1 a command to copy a block to each gate (for cosmetics)

#2 better logs

#3 putting people back in their seats (if can be done reasonably)

#4 syncing factions and players across servers

#5 jump drive might work even if off will have to check and fix

A quick explanation: this plugin allows you to make wormholes in your server (gateways to other servers). This plugin is designed to be a multiserver setup. Just send a wormhole outfolder to a differant server's wormhole infolder. If your torches aren't on the same machine just use a chron job or something to move the file to the infile on the other server (make sure to remove on the old server or it might keep sending copies). If you plan to use these on 1 torch just for fun i suggest checking to 'keep original owner id' as not checking this will rewrite ownership to whoever the pilot is based on steam id (you should also leave the IP:Port blank). Last but not least if for some reason the pilot doesn't have a history on the server being connected to the grid will wait in a limbo state until he logs in.

Conditions to jump:

#1 you must be piloting the grid

#2 you must be the main owner of the grid (be able to change the gridname)

#3 you must own the jumpdrive being used (must have the same SubtypeId you picked)

#4 your jumpdrive must be fully charged (must have the same SubtypeId you picked)

#5 that's it just meet 1-4 and then hit the wormhole 'in radius'

A BIG thanks to LordTylus the guy who makes the ALE plugins checkout his github https://github.com/LordTylus?tab=repositories the guy does GREAT documentation just the place to go if you want to start to learn to write plugins. I used some code from his ALE-Core.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.1 Disabled in faction capability as it errors out 5/21/20 3:05:42 AM Download 15
v1.0.0 5/20/20 3:33:37 AM Download 10