Retains the name of the original grid and adds a digit base on how many grid already exist with that name on the server. If multiple splits occurred from same grid at the same time, the name might be the same for all the removed grids.

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.5 Added clean exception block list. Fuck you Kontu 🖕 6/2/21 9:12:38 PM Download 115
v1.1.41 Something was removed 4/7/21 4:40:32 PM Download 148
v1.1.4 GridSplit cleaner will ignore deletion if targetted grid has a seat/controller with player still in it 4/7/21 12:48:53 PM Download 65
v1.1.2 NEW FEATURES!!! 3/26/21 10:44:36 AM Download 111
v1.0.0 5/5/20 11:05:31 PM Download 361