Plugin with option to turn off projected blocks, clear scripts from projected programmable blocks, counter PCU increase and a way to keep specific blocks from being projected.

Now has ability to keep projection so set size.
"!dpb clearprojectors" to clear all projectors.

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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.106 Support for BlockLimiter and DataValidateFix 10/8/20 3:10:17 PM Download 47
v1.1.103 Added null check to inventory before attempting to clear 9/21/20 6:13:55 PM Download 51
v1.1.102 Now clears inventory for reactors and drills 9/21/20 9:12:03 AM Download 34
v1.1.101 fixed projection inception fixer 9/11/20 1:56:49 PM Download 57
v1.1.100 Updated config to toggle some previously added features 9/9/20 12:45:12 AM Download 52
v1.0.9 fixed issues with block removal 7/22/20 5:05:14 AM Download 93
v1.0.8 fix NRE 7/10/20 9:44:43 PM Download 64
v1.0.7 Added option to remove projection inception 7/8/20 11:15:41 PM Download 53
v1.0.6 7/5/20 5:43:45 AM Download 61
v1.0.4 Added Inventory block Cleanup 6/26/20 2:29:34 AM Download 70
v1.0.3 tweaks to the projected blocks increasing/decreasing blocklimits 5/25/20 9:31:43 PM Download 73
v1.0.2 Drain projected tanks, added projector max size, added "!dpb clearprojectors" command 5/1/20 4:50:14 PM Download 78
v1.0.1 Discharge jumpdrives, except merge blocks from being turned off 4/28/20 3:19:57 PM Download 59
v1.0.0 4/26/20 2:56:28 AM Download 59