Some useful commands for admins and players

Admin commands

!crunch reload - Reload the config

!cleargrid - empties all inventories in the grid you look at

!removebody <name> - this might delete all of that players bodies, might not

!gridtype <name> - output what the grid is

!getfacid <tag> - output the fac id

!broadcast <message> <name> <r> <g> <b> <true/false>

!admin makestation - Convert the ship and connected grid you are looking at to station

!admin makeship - Convert the station and connected grid you are looking at to ship

!eco balance <player/faction> <name/tag> - Shows a players balance

!eco resetplayer <playernameorid> - Set a players balance to 0

!eco resetfac <tag> - Set a factions balance to 0

!eco give <player/faction> <name/tag> amount

!eco take <player/faction> <name/tag> amount

!eco - Lists economy commands, these also work on NPCs!

!faction rep change <source tag> <target tag> <amount> - Change repuation between factions

!player rep change <player name> <target tag> <amount> -Change repuation between faction and player

!giveitem <playername> <Ore/Ingot/Component> <subtype name> <amount> <true> - Give target player an item, will give a nato magazine if the name you provide isnt valid - Last parameter is optional for force adding the item to inventory

Player commands

!convert - Convert to / from station if player or faction owns the grid

!rename <gridname> <newname> - Renames a grid if the player or faction owns it

!stone - Delete all stone in the grid

!fixme - Kill and delete the player with a bugged body then disconnect them

!eco pay <faction/player> <name/tag> amount

!eco deposit - Deposits all space credits in grids containers if they are owned or shared

!eco withdraw <amount> - Withdraws amount of space credits to grid storage if there is room.

!listnames - Lists players with mismatching names

!claim - Claim ownership of a grid if its shared and over the percentage required

All player commands are disabled by default, enable them in the CrunchUtils.xml file and use the reload command or restart the server to enable

Source Github

Discord @Crunch#9114

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.2.2 Fix for !giveitem and not finding the player erroring 8/2/20 11:34:02 AM Download 81
v1.2.1 Added config option for !convert to work in gravity 7/29/20 1:19:33 PM Download 68
v1.1.12 Added !cleargrid - empties the inventories of the grid you look at if admin 7/27/20 9:42:59 PM Download 56
Beta v1.1.11 !eco give player * amount - SHOULD PAY ALL ONLINE PLAYERS 7/4/20 8:52:14 PM Download 109
v1.1.10 Added logging for Kontu 6/26/20 2:17:15 AM Download 86
v1.1.9 Added !claim and improved !giveitem 6/1/20 6:21:04 AM Download 93
v1.1.8 5/27/20 3:09:54 AM Download 65
v1.1.7 Fixed !giveitem 5/17/20 12:54:56 PM Download 68
v1.1.6 Added !getfacid and !gridtype <name> or look at it to output if its a station or ship 5/16/20 3:19:21 AM Download 67
v1.1.5 5/15/20 5:19:04 PM Download 54
v1.1.4 Optimised eco pay 5/11/20 5:00:47 PM Download 57
v1.1.3 Fixed some awful discord formatting, added !msg name message 5/11/20 4:39:17 PM Download 40
v1.1.1 Added the flag to force item adding to !giveitem, put true at the end to force add 5/10/20 4:35:50 PM Download 54
v1.0.19 Fixed issue with eco pay and eco deposit 5/10/20 4:05:23 PM Download 39
v1.0.18 Added error messages to !giveitem, added option to disable faction share for !eco deposit 5/9/20 7:49:51 PM Download 51
v1.0.17 5/9/20 1:30:57 PM Download 52
v1.0.16 rewrote !eco pay logic, should work with steam name, identity name or steam 64 id 5/9/20 2:26:36 AM Download 52
v1.0.15 Improved the !eco output for the most useful commands 5/9/20 1:56:03 AM Download 34
v1.0.14 5/8/20 3:22:04 PM Download 55
v1.0.13 Fixed !listnames because keen is bad 5/8/20 1:22:10 PM Download 48
v1.0.12 Fixed some test code that i left in, !broadcast to global should be coloured properly now 5/6/20 6:44:18 PM Download 60
v1.0.11 Added !broadcast <message> <author> <r> <g> <b> <true/false> to send messages in colour, fixed a check to see if a command was ran by server 5/6/20 2:05:33 PM Download 50
v1.0.10 Fixed error on !eco pay player not online, Rewrote !eco give, !eco take and !eco balance 5/5/20 2:23:32 PM Download 58
v1.0.9 Fixed !eco pay, changed its functionality to support paying factions new format - !eco pay faction/player name/tag amount 5/4/20 1:15:31 PM Download 59
v1.0.8 Added !eco pay <playername> <amount> for transferring between players 5/2/20 10:19:20 PM Download 55
v1.0.7 Fixed the !fixme command being admin only (I forget about this far too much) 5/1/20 3:33:20 AM Download 56
v1.0.6 Fixed !eco deposit being an admin command, should be player 4/28/20 2:56:26 AM Download 50
v1.0.5 Fixed !convert bugs, added !rename <gridname> <newname>, fixed bugs with !eco deposit and !eco withdrawall 4/25/20 2:20:55 PM Download 55
v1.0.4 Added !eco resetplayer <name>, !eco resetfac <tag>, !eco withdraw <amount>, !eco deposit 4/24/20 7:37:16 PM Download 45
v1.0.3 Added reputation commands for players and factions 4/18/20 4:09:10 PM Download 55
v1.0.2 Added economy commands and the update identity name task which is disabled by default 4/16/20 9:25:36 PM Download 50
v1.0.1 Changed !fixme functionality, it will kill and delete, then disconnect the player 4/14/20 3:06:26 PM Download 52
v1.0.0 Initial release 4/13/20 3:13:08 PM Download 45