This plugin fixes one of my most hated issues with SE and servers

As a server Admin, I often find players capture NPC grids and take block ownership of the entire grid yet authorship wont get transferred too. So with our ingame server PCU limits players can abuse NPC grids and capture hundreds of grids without actually taking authorship of the grid. (Abusing limits)

This plugin checks all control blocks on a given NPC grid to make sure when a player grinds/takes owner of the control blocks the authorship transfers too. If they are over PCU limits, it will track the grid until the player logs out and will be deleted. I never really found a mod or plugin to do this so I wrote my own.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are installing this on an existing server and players have been playing on it for awhile and have captured NPC grids, often times they are over their PCU limit and these grids will be removed on startup. Personal experience here. Had many players already over their limits and complained about loosing grids and were confused on why their PCU drastically changed I.E. Maxed out.

Example control blocks include:

  • Cockpits
  • Control Stations
  • Flight Seats
  • Cryo Chambers
  • Remote Control Blocks
  • Programming blocks (If Im not mistaken)

Planned features:

  • Option to completely take block ownership too. Not just authorship. (Takes the fun out of claiming a ship)
  • Add commands to check what control blocks are left on the grid to grind down to claim authorship (For grids which have multiple control block)
  • Memory. Incase server crashes, ability to remember tracked grids that were about to be deleted. Right now upon restart they will fully own the grid.

Spacemaster and above commands:

  • !watchlist (Gives admin ability to check all NPC grids being watched by the plugin)
  • !deletelist (Lists all grids that will be deleted on player logout)

Personal remarks:

  • Let me know if there are any changes you want done! Its still a work in progress with many features planned! You can find me on Discord: BobDaRoss#3793
  • Ive noticed with the modular-encounter-spawner mod other NPC factions actually own the pirate ship instead of "Space Pirates" for example, "Secret Industry CEO" had some grids too that players captured. So remember to add all NPC faction owners you want to keep track of! (Default scans authored-by nobody grids)

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v1.3.2 InitialRelease 1/4/20 10:21:42 PM Download 480