A work in progress plugin to add extra server features to factions.

Currently working: Limiter - Limits the faction size to set number.

Work In Progress: Auto Assign - Finds a non-NPC faction that is below set limit in members and adds player to that faction.
-When no faction meats speculation, it creates a new faction to place the player.

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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.7 fixed uninitiated list causing crashes 4/23/21 3:08:08 PM Download 39
v1.0.6 added some null checks for connecting players 4/23/21 12:44:50 PM Download 27
v1.0.5 4/22/21 6:50:21 PM Download 29
v1.0.4 3/24/21 6:20:26 PM Download 37
v1.0.3 3/24/21 9:54:27 AM Download 31
v1.0.2 ignore NPCs 3/23/21 9:56:50 PM Download 27
v1.0.1 oopsie fix 3/21/21 11:29:19 PM Download 30
v1.0.0 3/21/21 2:37:24 PM Download 29