HaE PBLimiter


Profiles Programmable Blocks's and damages them when their runtime goes over a set value to reduce lag.

Players NEED to hit recompile on a pb after it being broken for it to work again.





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Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.1.1 Fixed the UI crash finally 5/31/20 6:13:46 PM Download 169
v1.1.1.0 Added a new setting that allows PB's to violate x amount of times before starting to punish them. default for this is set to let one violation slide. 5/11/20 7:48:11 PM Download 135
v1.1.0.2 Rounds to 5 places in UI now 4/29/20 12:54:33 PM Download 115
v1.1.0.1 Set default for allowcleanup to true and fixed player override showing in status command 4/27/20 5:16:20 PM Download 86
v1.1.0.0 Major update time! a massive thanks to Azazar on github for these changes, a bunch of fixes, tweaks to the commands and a way to allow pb's to cleanup after getting murdered. 4/13/20 10:51:17 PM Download 126
v1.0.11.2 Added command for players to fetch their runtimes 3/7/20 10:32:28 PM Download 186
v1.0.10.7 Fix spamming of nogui warning 2/19/20 6:34:17 PM Download 152
v1.0.10.6 Crashfixes 2/19/20 10:19:43 AM Download 94
v1.0.10.5 "fix" for server crash when grinding down a pb thats about to get destroyed 1/23/20 8:47:19 PM Download 179
v1.0.10.4 Now Also yeets the assembly so people cant just use a timer to turn it back on! 9/5/19 10:49:17 PM Download 311
v1.0.9.5 fix for rare crash (maybe?) report issues on github site tyvm 7/10/19 8:25:18 PM Download 216
v1.0.9.4 Now uses inbuild SE time measurements, will line up better with the runtime from the pb 5/20/19 9:21:41 PM Download 215
v1.0.8.0 Kill slowest pbs first with per player selected. 5/4/19 5:45:40 PM Download 163
v1.0.7.1 Made the Per player Exceptions use steamIds. WARNING: this might break previous overrides 3/31/19 11:20:34 AM Download 191
v1.0.6.1 Added multiplier so programmable blocks that violate the rules more take more damage (the number of violations is per server restart, to turn it off set the multiplier to 0) 12/25/18 8:33:21 PM Download 201
v1.0.5.2 12/11/18 8:42:47 AM Download 128