Plugin that allows share chat between discord & game, see server status in discord and invoke by admins commands on server through discord

You need manually insert token to config before torch launch!

Example Config

Messages game =з discord can be formatted using those values:

  • ClientId - Player steam/eos id
  • Message - Chat message text
  • Author - Author display name

Author for discord =з game messages can be formatted using only one value:

  • Author - Author nickname (or username if nick is not set)

Activity Name Loaded (bot status message playing/watching) can be formatted and will be updated every 20 seconds:

  • Players - Current players count
  • MaxPlayers - Maximum players count
  • Sim - Current sim speed (for better value format see docs)
  • Uptime - Current uptime (for better value format see docs)
  • ModsCount - Current server mods count

Other can be configured in GUI or in json directly (config located in Instance\Reborn\Reborn.Discord.json)

Based on Discord.Net library

Depends on Reborn.Core

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.0 first release 7/9/21 7:05:23 AM Download 9