Multigrid Projector


Server side companion for the Multigrid Projector client plugin.

Allows for projecting and welding blueprints of multiple subgrids.

  • Build and repair PDCs, mechs and more
  • Works both in survival and creative
  • Works both in single player and multiplayer

Players who want to take part in multigrid welding must install the client plugin.

Please see the workshop page on how to install the client plugin.


Please support me on Patreon if you would like to receive regular updates to this plugin as new game versions are released.

Please vote on Keen's bug ticket to get multigrid welding into the vanilla game, eventually.

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Thank you very much for all your support and hard work on testing the plugin!

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v0.4.8 Assigning mechanical base blocks built in "reverse" order (base on existing top part) to named groups 9/25/21 11:21:42 PM Download 25
v0.4.7 Compatibility with game version 1.199.020; Locking improvements and worker thread crash prevention; Ignoring attempts to call Remap() on projectors with no blueprint loaded + logging the offending projector and grid 7/28/21 6:17:11 PM Download 215
v0.4.6 Proper fix for canceling the background worker scanning the projection on disabling projectors. There should be no more ERRORs in the log and no rare freezes anymore. 7/16/21 4:18:47 PM Download 100
v0.4.5 Fixed Torch server dropping players on trying to weld a projection loaded before the previous server restart. It was caused by the ghost projection fix, which seems to be unnecessary now based on testing. Releasing the change on the client side for consistency; Attempting a fix for the Torch server freeze happened rarely (3 times in total) when the Essentials plugin issued an AutoCommand to disable all projectors before saving the game: !blocks off type Projector 7/16/21 2:41:28 AM Download 41
v0.4.1 Fixed broken projector state after grid split event on the main grid (grinding down part of it, missile release with merge block, etc.) 5/23/21 8:52:32 PM Download 195
v0.4.0 Programmable block API; New API functions: GetStateHash, IsSubgridComplete; Update optimization, less grid scans while welding; Fixed unweldable sub-grids after grinding down multiple subgrids at the same time (grid split issue, affected missiles) 4/30/21 1:38:46 AM Download 148
Beta v0.3.4 Compatibility with game version 1.198.024. Fixed subgrid block statistics. Fixed unweldable subgrid after grid split. 4/23/21 12:02:13 AM Download 110
Beta v0.3.3 Fixed discovering of already built subgrids connected via reverse mechanical connections. Fixed jumping wheeled vehicle on turning the self-repair projector ON. Performance logging of subgrid scans (temporary debug log). 4/18/21 11:49:49 PM Download 81
Beta v0.3.2 Game code change and plugin patch collision detection for the Torch server plugin. Welding mechanical connections in "reverse" order. Fixed the number of buildable blocks in the Detailed Info of projectors. Fixed error on loading blueprints with modded mechanical connector blocks if the mod is missing. Properly refreshing all subgrids on loading the projection. Monitoring terminal blocks for grid connectivity changes (turning on merge block, for example). Properly ignoring unsupported subgrids (for example drones on connectors). 4/17/21 3:19:36 PM Download 67
Beta v0.3.1 Fixed subgrid order dependence of preview grid positioning. 4/15/21 11:29:03 PM Download 69
Beta v0.3.0 New API functions: `GetScanNumber` and `GetYaml`, see inside `IMultigridProjectorApi.cs` for details. (Not Torch: Dedicated Server support) 4/13/21 9:42:28 PM Download 66
Beta v0.2.10 Preventing crash in a rare case reported recently. Preventing log flooding in case of exception in MGP data model initialization or after frame processing. 4/10/21 10:23:26 PM Download 79
Beta v0.2.9 Fixed auto-alignment of repair projections. 4/5/21 11:01:10 PM Download 84
Beta v0.2.8 Repair projection auto-alignment 4/5/21 5:00:19 AM Download 56
Beta v0.2.7 No more ghost projections. Nested repair blueprints are removed (limits nesting and blueprint size). Projection of unsupported grids are hidden (docked ships on connectors, etc). Fixed welding statistics update on removing built subgrids. Fixed following projection offset/rotation changes with block states. Allow for rebuilding with working block connections based on EntityId after the previous build was split without having to power cycle the projector. 4/4/21 1:20:27 AM Download 58
Beta v0.2.6 Fixed refreshing preview updates on adding/removing blocks not part of the projection (first block now becomes weldable as expected when you put a block next to it). Fixed console block visuals (they were not transparent). Client performance: Not calling SetTransparency if not needed (reflection is slow). 4/3/21 3:42:31 AM Download 61
Beta v0.2.5 Projection and welding reliability fixes. Client-server sync fixes. 4/2/21 8:24:17 AM Download 57
Beta v0.2.4 In almost all cases using Torch's way of patching for compatibility. - Considering partially built blocks as not built in the projector's build statistics. - Rotor heads are added only when the base has been welded up to functional level already. - Speculative crash protection before the code aligning the projected grids. (Based on crash log from a server.) - The preview grids react faster to grid changes in some welding cases due to following block integrity changes. 3/29/21 6:47:01 PM Download 66
Beta v0.2.3 Bugfix release: Fixed unweldable blocks, it was cause by inconsistend state on server side due to not running all required code there - Moving/rotating the projection is handled properly - Projection can be turned off as expected - Not littering top parts everywhere if the projection is moved - Not affecting the cut&paste clipboard at all - Better scheduling of the update work allows for more continuous welding - Shutting down the projection as expected if Keep Projection is unchecked after the build is complete - Stricter verification of build requests coming from clients without MGP client plugin installed or from MGP incompatible mods - This is to prevent building blocks to wrong places and of wrong size - Developers only: The `FullyBuilt` block state now appears in the API. It was in the enum before, so no change of API. 3/28/21 4:14:45 AM Download 58
Beta v0.2.2 Fixed compatibility issues with the Concealment Torch plugin. Fixed updating build status in the detailed info of the projector. 3/26/21 6:31:57 AM Download 61
Beta v0.2.1 No functional change. Separated Mod API from the client plugin for clarity. Releasing Torch plugin for consistency of versioning. 3/23/21 11:20:00 PM Download 66
Beta v0.2.0 Mod API support 3/22/21 11:29:28 PM Download 52
Beta v0.1.21 Fixed crash on deleting (for example cutting out with Ctrl-X) a group of mechanically connected grids in certain situations 3/20/21 7:13:50 PM Download 59
Beta v0.1.20 Fixed unregistering of detached subgrids. Fixed re-adding heads wherever a subgrid needs to be built. 3/20/21 5:23:35 AM Download 47
Beta v0.1.19 Fixed welding of single grid projections and main subgrid of multigrid projections by players who don't have the client plugin installed 3/16/21 11:54:58 PM Download 68
Beta v0.1.18 0.1.18 3/16/21 3:05:24 AM Download 50