Broadcast most lag grid to all players(add gps to player).

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This plugin is base on Profiler, please make sure you have that plugin installed.


laggrids help Show help message

laggrids send [seconds] Send the top X most lag grids to all players(argument seconds for setting measure time, default is 15)

laggrids list List latest measure results

laggrids get Get latest result of the grid you're currently controlling

laggrids cleangps Cleans GPS markers created by LagGridBroadcaster


When command laggrids send executed, things below will happen:

  • Global top x grids will be broadcast(add gps to players), configured by Top, MinUs and FactionMemberDistance

  • Faction top x grids will be send to faction members via chat message, configured by FactionTop

  • Send the result of the grid currently in control to player, configured by SendResultOfControllingGrid

  • Write measure result to file, configured by WriteToFile and ResultFileName


Apache License 2.0

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.4.0 update profiler 7/25/21 9:11:16 AM Download 88
v1.0.3.2 fix faction member scan logic 3/28/21 4:40:22 PM Download 141
v1.0.3.1 change argument from ticks to seconds 12/1/20 2:17:21 PM Download 180
v1.0.3.0 profiler update 11/28/20 12:20:25 PM Download 91
v1.0.2.0 Profiler updated, may works 7/8/20 4:59:35 PM Download 260
v1.0.1.2 fix message font 4/16/20 3:34:34 PM Download 225
v1.0.1.1 fix: SendResultOfControllingGrid display grid entityId instead of readable name 4/5/20 4:34:46 PM Download 177
v1.0.1.0 more configuration 4/5/20 4:13:55 PM Download 122
v1.0.0.0 2/19/20 9:53:17 AM Download 201