Broadcast most lag grid to all players.

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This plugin is base on Profiler, please make sure you have that plugin installed.


laggrids help Show help message

laggrids send [ticks] Send the top X most lag grids to all players

laggrids list List latest measure results

laggrids get Get latest result of the grid you're currently controlling

laggrids cleangps Cleans GPS markers created by LagGridBroadcaster


Top Broadcast top X grids

MinUs Only broadcast grids which take time greater than(us)

FactionMemberDistance Only broadcast grids when faction member is in radius of(m)(zero for infinity)

FactionTop Send faction top X grids to faction members(zero for disable)

PlayerMinUs Broadcast most lag grid player owned, if all of his grids take more than(us)(zero for disable)

WriteToFile Write measure result to file

ResultFileName Result file name


When command laggrids send executed, things below will happen:

  • Global top x grids will be broadcast(add gps to players), configured by Top, MinUs and FactionMemberDistance

  • Faction top x grids will be send to faction members via chat message, configured by FactionTop

  • If the total time for any player's grids exceeds the configured value, his most lag grid will be broadcast, configured by PlayerMinUs

  • Write measure result to file, configured by WriteToFile and ResultFileName

These functions are not related to each other, and configured by different options.


Apache License 2.0

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.0.0 2/19/20 9:53:17 AM Download 76