A Bounty System for players. Add bounty contracts for players and let others hunt them! This plugin will get new features soon and make features configurable for servers so admins can create own setups.

Available Features

  • Create and remove bounty contracts
  • View current contract list and its state
  • Contracting and Removal Commissions
  • Listing Contracts
  • No-Claim mode: The one that kills the target gets the reward
  • Chat messaging new Contracts

Planned Features

  • Commissions for claiming a contract (Configurable)
  • NPC Factions can add random contracts on players.
  • Enable claiming of contracts (Configurable)
  • Enable contract expiration time (Configurable). Players need to do the job in this time-frame.
  • Last seen location of target (random event) (Configurable)
  • Keep tracking location of player every set interval (Configurable)
  • Many more... Feel free to post me some ideas.


  • !bounty info : Shows information on commands and current settings.
  • !bounty help : Same as info.
  • !bounty list : Shows the bounty contracts list.
  • !bounty add targetName rewardAmount : Add a new contract to the list.
  • !bounty remove targetName : Removes a contract from the list.
  • !bounty reload : Reloads the contracts and configuration (Admin).
  • !bounty config : Shows the current configuration (Admin).

Configuration files:

  • Files are stored in the Instance folder.
  • SKOBounty.cfg: Holds the config for the plugin.
  • SKOBountyContracts.xml: Holds all contracts information.


Bugs and Feature requests can be reported here:


If you wish to support my work and you find this plugin useful, you can donate via PayPal:

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.1.0 Added Debug configuration option to provide some info for issue tracking. Default: disabled. 5/25/21 11:56:48 PM Download 99
v1.0.2 Checking now if killer has friendly reputation with the target. If so, bounty will not be claimed. 7/9/20 12:30:49 PM Download 321
v1.0.1 Fixed weapon kill detection. Some blocks were not detecting well too. 7/5/20 9:35:24 PM Download 102
v1.0.0 Initial release of the Plugin 7/4/20 11:23:23 PM Download 101