Plugin to print grids without using welders, configurable options for how long it takes, how much it costs in space credits for unlocking the shipyard and using it, and where the files are stored. Materials required to print the grid are also taken from the storage of the target grid.

The target grid must have a projector named Projector Printer

Main config file is Shipyard.xml found in instance folder


Admin commands

!shipyard restore tag filename targetplayer - Example !shipyard restore fre "Fighter2021-05-1216-32-48-094" Crunch

!shipyard purge - deletes the files of claimed grids

!shipyard reload - reloads the config, this doesnt setup and start saving to the different folder if you change it though, do a restart for that.

Player commands

!shipyard info - lists the queue and the current times to wait

!shipyard claim number - Claims the grid in that slot if it is finished, faction leaders have override to claim any grids in their queue.

!shipyard start Name Slow/Quick/Fast - Example !shipyard start "Crunch Fighter" Fast

Beta? Version Note Date Download DL Count
v1.0.2 Bugfix with denying console blocks 5/12/21 7:17:39 PM Download 89
v1.0.1 Rewrote some bad code 5/12/21 6:55:12 PM Download 24
v1.0.0 5/12/21 3:44:58 PM Download 24